Think 'Organic' When It Comes To Marketing Your Online Store


After making a significant leap into e-commerce by deciding to sell online, one of the biggest concerns for internet-based companies revolves around the most effective methods for marketing. While traditional forms of advertising such as Facebook and Google Adwords will always have the potential to bring fast results, they can also be expensive when you are competing with other similar businesses that have an extensive marketing budget - this is where it can pay dividends to choose a method that is a little more ‘organic.’ In terms of online marketing, organic activity can be described as anything that aims to drive customers naturally to your page, as opposed to paying for ‘forced’ clicks and visits.

Seek Out The Most Influential Bloggers!

If you are stuck for a good place to start with all of this, it’s a great idea to seek out the most influential bloggers in your market area. As a general rule, most online writers are incredibly receptive to being offered a free sample or two in return for a review, and this becomes even more valuable if they are prepared to add a video that demonstrates your product in action. This method of marketing can be incredibly effective if the blogger is able to discuss your product in a neutral manner - the less ‘infomercial’ the better!


Fashion blog 5 inch and up is a well respected fashion blogger, with over 16,000 Facebook likes. It's clear she's big on social sharing by posting topic-related content and frequently.

A well-respected blogger’s opinion can put your business directly into the minds of their thousands or millions of fans, and all it costs is a sample of your goods.


To seek out the most influential bloggers to target (bear in mind that it may take a while to build up this valuable relationship), it is a good idea to take a look at any Facebook or Twitter account this is linked to the blog. A high number of followers or fans will indicate that their opinions have some serious online clout, and they may even push your business through their social media channels as well for some almost-instant precious publicity.

Blogger MsRosieBea gives a superb product review on the Cambridge Satchel Bag, received just under 125,000 likes for her video.

Founder of Cambridge Satchel Company, Julie Deane wanted to repay the people who fuelled the accelerated success to her business by opening a Blogger’s Lounge in the basement of her very first boutique. If you have ever seen the Google advert for the Cambridge Satchel Company, you will have seen first-hand how the right bloggers can take a sample and launch a business into the big time!


Blogger’s Lounge at The Cambridge Satchel Company Boutique in Covent Garden, London.

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