The Power Of Social Media


If you want to start an online store, a critical factor in its success will be devising a strong marketing strategy to get – and retain – consumer interest. The immediacy and high engagement levels of social media offer ecommerce sites the perfect platform to drive their businesses forward.

1. Announce Your Special Offers

Everyone loves a bargain, and will rush to buy an item that’s been vastly discounted. Announcing “flash” sales on Twitter and Facebook is one way to generate a flurry of interest in your online store and get your products moving. Using some of your stock as loss leaders to do this is an effective way to encourage traffic and browsing of your other items, thereby increasing the potential for higher, and more profitable, sales.


Sephora, a beauty company uses its like-gating to reveal sale items and limited-time offers to new Facebook community members

2. Engage With Your Customers

Engaging social media users this way – by giving them special offers and deals – also helps to increase an online store’s reach across the wider internet, as people get talking and sharing. Another way to do this is to latch on to the current trend of “going viral”, whereby your snippets of content are found by users to be so interesting that they’re repeatedly shared, or replicated, around social media sites.

3. Keep It Short And Catchy

Creating great content, such as short and catchy videos, is one way to encourage sharing online and spread your marketing message: in effect, it’s the users themselves who are, almost unwittingly, doing the job for you. You don’t have to be a wizard at rich content creation either, because you can hire a digital agency to do the job for you, swiftly and cost-effectively.


SupaDupa jewellery store PYNK LUXE show us a great example of keeping the facbook posts short and catchy.

4. Low Cost

The beauty of this type of marketing is there are none of the high costs associated with advertising, either online or in traditional media. All it takes is some cleverly thought-out strategies and some of your time. Sure, you can advertise on social media, but why waste your precious marketing budget when you don't have to?


Your online store’s doors are open, and you want as many users to click through them as possible. That means keeping a solid presence online, especially where the vast majority of people are – on social media sites.