New Feature: Introducing The Navigation Menus Tool.


SupaDupa now offers the ability to easily add, edit, and remove links from any of the navigation menus in your store. Furthermore, a link in any of your menus, can link to another menu - allowing you to organise your store using sub categories and drop downs menus.

Every store begins with 3 Navigation Menus:

  • Main
  • Collections
  • Pages

You have the power to add, remove, hide or modify the links that appear in each menu set. You will find the Menus section under the 'Shop Settings' menu.

Common scenarios explained:

1. Add page links to your store's navigation menu

For each of the navigation menus in your store - you have the ability to add, remove and edit any of the links. You may want to add a link to your Twitter account into the main menu at the top of your store, you may want to sort the links, or you may want to add a link to a Page you have created to another menu than the default.

In this support video, you will learn how to add a page link to your main navigation menu.

2. Control the visibility of page links in your store's navigation menu

You may have created a page which isn't quite ready to be displayed in your online store. Or perhaps you're adding your latest collection which you don't want your shoppers to see. In cases like these, you are going to want to hide the page links.

In this support video, you will learn how to hide all page links by using the Navigation Menu Tool.

3. How to add sub categories to your collections

When setting up your online store, it's best you first take the time to organise your products into categories/collections. If you have loads of product, be sure that your collections are concise and to the point. The easiest way to do this, would be to create sub categories.

In this support video, you will learn how to create sub categories and drop down menus for your top level collections, allowing you to organise your products in a way that is super easy on you and your shoppers.