How To Tag Your Images And Get Found On Google

Naming your images descriptively and with the relevant key words can boost your image search ranking in search engines. Learn this little trick on how you should tag and save your images before uploading them into your SupaDupa online store.

How to tag your product image example how to name your file

Any success in the land of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is mostly due to the words, phrases and sentences contained within a given site. This is what the likes of Google, Bing and other search engines will use to rank you by when comparing you to your competition.

When you write your product description always speak to your target audience and try to use the phrases he/she uses when talking about your product. This way you’re automatically optimising your product descriptions for search engines, because these are the phrases she/he searches for on Google. Search engines not only crawl the text on your webpage, but they also search for keywords within your image file names.

One very common mistake is to forget about naming your product images to include keywords

Product image file names generally look something like this:



The format to use is a hyphen separated file name that looks something like this:

e.g. ralph-lauren-blue-collared-t-shirt.jpg
e.g. nike-sb-stefan-janoski-cnvs-volt-white-green.jpg

How to tag your product image example Mury silk scarf

Always save your images with the exact keywords you wish to appear for. Keep in mind how your customers search for products. You can always ask friends and colleagues what would they type in Google to look for your particular product.

A good technique is also to look at your website analytics, and see what phrasing patterns your customers use to perform searches. Determine the most common naming patterns they use, and apply that formula to your image naming process.

If you are an emerging brand keen to establish yourself you might want to focus on your brand name

Remember that your file name should start with the name of your brand first:

A good naming convention to use would look something like this:


The result:
e.g. Marz-Light-Bulbs-home-accesories.jpg

How to tag your product image example Marz light bulbs home accessories

For any store owners creating descriptive, keyword-rich file names are absolutely crucial for image optimization. From now on ditch the generic name that your camera gives your images file and start tagging your product images correctly to boost your search ranking.

By Fede