New feature: Pages. Chapter 1


From one story come many...

So today, create a page. Then another one. Because when you start with amazing products, you can create amazing stories.

Start a lookbook, discover your studio or offer a glimpse of next season's collection all with a drop of a little green triangle.

Your brand makes the world a more interesting place.

Start capturing everyone's imagination.

Discover more with the help of these video tutorials -

Creating Lookbook Pages In Your Store

Add simple Lookbook pages to your store using a SupaDupa's simple pages creator. In this video you will learn how to quickly add images to a new page in your store and control the way they appear. Watch other videos showing how to add beautiful typography and videos to your pages for a magazine look.

Adding Text And Typography To Your Store's Pages

The impression you make on your customers comes not only from what your brand says but how it says it. This video will show you how to use your page's WYSIWYG text tools to get sharp typographical layouts incorporated into your lookbooks, about pages or product instructions. Watch more quick tutorials to find out how to set images and videos into your store's pages.

Adding Videos To Your Store

Whether its a behind the scenes video, you in your studio, or, a product explainer video, this video will show you how to get your Vimeo or YouTube videos to play directly in the pages you create in your SupaDupa store. Watch other videos showing how to add beautiful typography and image layouts to your pages for a stunning magazine look.

We believe in the power of storytelling - this is just the first chapter of Pages.

By Fede