Great News! A new blog engine is now included into your site


A new blog engine is now included into your site.

You can now create a website, a shop, a blog, lookbooks, galleries with buy buttons and a lot more... all this on the SupaDupa platform (that's great for SEO!).

Blogging is sharing, connecting, creating and inspiring. We've taken the view that blog articles should be more than just stacked up images and text. Your blog can be your catalogue, a magazine an immersive brand diary or, well, literally whatever. Your imagination can do the rest.

You now get:
• Blog articles built into your store
• Articles use the same powerful page editing capabilities so that what you publish can be so much more than just a simple blog page.
• RSS feeds for all entries
• Control over customised page slugs, titles, keywords and meta summaries for SEO purposes.
• Summary images and text excerpts appear on the blog list page
• Auto theme compatibility now extends to blogs.

There are also 5 new adaptable page templates you should be checking out right now.



Have fun and let us know what you think!


By Fede